Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Pantai to Gunung – 3rd and 4th July

Sungei Balang Photos
An early start on Sunday morning and a quick drive to the rice fields of Sungai Balang for our first stop. After a short delay due to driving down the wrong track we were delighted to see the weavers and munias next to the ricefield. More than twenty species were spotted quickly as we moved along the bunds during the 2 hours that were interrupted by a rain shower.

Parit Jawa Photos
A short drive then took us to Parit Jawa jetty where, in between looking at shore birds and the fish being unloaded from the fishing boats, we managed to relax and have lunch.

Later we drove on to Seremban, checked into our hotel and proceeded to check out Telapak Buruk.
Telapak Buruk

As it was late afternoon,when we arrived at the base of Telapak Buruk, we only had time for a quick trip to the “near summit” at about 1150m.
As it turned out it was well worth the effort as we spotted a pair of Orange-breasted Trogons. The following morning we returned to Telapak Buruk for a more leisurely ascent. We heard many different birds calling but sightings were unusually sparse.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travelling May & June!

We had little time for blogging during the May-June period. As we were either preparing to travel, travelling or recovering from the last trip.
As they say a picture can tell a thousand words, these must be be a few thousand.