Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 and The Year of the Rabbit

Below is a picture of ”our” Christmas tree and fireworks at the start of 2011.  After the slow start recovering from the Christmas and New Year indulgencies,  we eventually got back to our regular outings.  It was nice to see all the usual suspects on our walks on and around the Southern Ridges, all of whom seemed to be the enjoying the cool breezes and less humid weather the past 3 weeks.  On two separate occasions we spotted at least 5 Asian Paradise Flycatchers (white morph) in a group, but they were too quick for any pictures.
One lucky break was seeing a pair of Straw-headed bulbuls, close up, below Mount Faber.
Straw-headed Bulbul

We also managed to get a shot of the ubiquitous Striped Tit-babbler flitting among the low undergrowth.
Striped Tit-babbler
Last week on a visit to Pasir Ris Park to check out the Cuckoos we saw 2 Spotted Wood Owls looking down on us.   A family of 3 Oriental Pied Hornbills was seen flying about making some noise that competed with the familiar calls of the Asian Koel and Collared Kingfisher that are easily seen at PRP.
Large Hawk-cuckoo
Spotted Wood-owl
All too soon, it is time to prepare for the Lunar New Year and the cool breeze is already missed.